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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in I thank Allen and Connect for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Sporting Feast
What is the possibility of having a sporting finals treat with the Deans and Digicel rugby and a Soccer BOG or Inter District finals all in one venue, and each as the main attraction on its own merit. Having marketed it well, we (Fiji) will benefit from the venture and have many levels of sports in one venue. A school-boy and Fiji rugby and soccer being held at the same venue and same…

Weekend Reading -- Scroll Down -- Six Items

And check out the comments. The posting Tupuola Speculates ..... in particular has a swag of them.

Media Ethics and Media Freedom Issues in Fiji

By Stanley Simpson, News Editor, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.
This keynote speech by Stanley Simpson  was presented to the 1st Pacific Media Partnership Committee meeting, August 25-27 at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre, Nuku’alofa, Tonga. Those attending explored how to sustain a vibrant Pacific media.

The Fiji media landscape (as many of you know) has changed dramatically over the last three to four years, and especially over the last year with the enactment of the Media Decree 2010 outlining new and stronger guidelines for the media to abide by. We are all operating now under this media decree, while the censorship still remains for now. One of the major ethical issues that has confronted our journalists over the last year or so is how do we report and practice the principles of journalism under a censored environment?  Full Speech follows.

Australian Meddling Part of Agenda to Dominate Fiji

Tom Orsag  in Solidarity

Curse of the Soli

By Alisi Daurewa in the  Fiji Times*

The overarching objective of the People's Charter is, "to rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant and united, well-governed, truly democratic nation; a nation that seeks progress and prosperity through merit-based equality of opportunity and peace". The proposed village 'By-Laws' under the Ministry of 'I Taukei' is a strategy to meet the objective of the People's Charter.

From Paramountcy to Equality: Constitutionalism, Dialogue & Ethno-Political Conflict in Fiji

Rev. Akuila Yabaki. CEO of Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (Concluding from last Saturday)

Dialogue & bringing people together

There have been a few attempts since December 2006 to bring people together to try and address the past problems of political instability. The major one was the NCBBF, which was established to bring people together to talk about moving the country forward. The process attracted considerable support, but it also attracted strong opposition by those  that refused to participate (including the Methodist Church). The Charter process attempted to address past conflict and provide potential solutions through Chapters such as “Ending the Coup Culture” and “The role of the Military”.

Bringing Fiji Back from the Cold

By Vidya S Sharma  in Business-Standard
India must impress on New Zealand and Australia the need to engage with Fiji and persuade them to help Fiji implement a racially neutral polity.

Tupuola Speculates, Naitasiri Tailevu Support Govt Work, Coconut Reseach, Marist Forum, The Grand Old GPH

PACIFIC SCOOP  & TUPUOLA. Pacific Scoop has a well earned reputation for solid journalism. When it publishes opinions they are invariably reasoned and supported with evidence and insight. Until two days ago. When it published a purely speculative article (supported by not a shred of evidence or any indication of the reliability of  unnamed sources) about a supposedly looming Fiji coup-within-the-coup.

The article was written  by Tupuola Terrence Tavita, the Editor of the Samoa Government newspaper Savali. It is not Tupuola's first trip into virtual space and I doubt it will be his last. Stories are easy to write when you can pull them out of the air. Investigative journalism takes longer.

I draw the article to readers' attention, not for its content, but for the flood of comments it generated. I urge you to read them by  clicking here. At my last count, no one agreed with him.

The article does, however, raise the possibility of a coup-within-the-coup. This is nothing new. …

Good for a Smile: Kava and US Cafe Culture

Good for a smile!Fiji roots, culture available at Cafe Culture

Drought, New Diplomatic Missions, MSG, PSC and Public Entity Reforms, Cane Grower Protest

DROUGHT CONTINUES. Intermittent showers in the Central and Eastern divisions have replenished water sources but the dry spell continues to affect areas in the Western and Northern divisions, and it expected to last for the next few months. Water is being delivered to Rakiraki town dwellers and the Agriculture Department plans to dig more bore holes in the West, the worst affected region. Photo: Fiji Times.

Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola says the "discriminating and isolationist policies" imposed on Fiji by its "traditional allies and some regional organizations international organizations" have forced the "realignment of Fiji’s Foreign Missions to effect revised foreign policy priorities." It is in this context that Cabinet has approved the opening of Missions in Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil, in 2011.-- Based on 2010 No: 1370/CAB.

. Fiji has temporarily suspended itself from all formal meeting…

NZ-Solomons-Fiji, Wages, China, Media, Economy, Health

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NZ WILL HELP "RESTORE DEMOCRACY." PM John Key has again said NZ will "help the Fiji interim regime restore democracy" with personnel or financial assistance. This is great news except that the "restoration" cannot be to the former very imperfect democracy that some would claim was racism in disguise.

The PM also wants the Bainimarama government to "engage with all the relevant stakeholders in Fiji, including other political parties." Re-engage to restore democracy with race-based political parties?

“My government," he said, " has tried to reach out and offer the hand of friendship to Fiji. We want to see democracy restored there and we are working very aggressively to make that happen.”

John, you must know you are asking the impossible. I…

Yabaki, Citizenship, Police, Ethical Journalism, Call to Youths

GOD BLESS AKUILA YABAKI. "Akuila the Great" left this comment on the article From Paramountcy to Equality: Constitutionalism that we published in Weekend Reading.

"God Bless Akuila Yabaki. This guy is a national treasure. Reading all this reminds me that for all his opposition to aspects of the regime, he and Frank aren't too far apart on the big issues. Indeed, some of this looks like a government manifesto, or at least a manifesto the government could have produced were it as sensible as the good Reverend.

"It's immediately clear from Yabaki's comprehensive tour of the horizon that none of the national problems he identifies could have been resolved under an indigenous supremacist government like the SDL. Ergo, something had to break the cycle and that something is arguably Frank Bainimarama if our "democratic" institutions weren't capable of reform. So if you take that premise as a starting point, a lot of these ideas start to make sen…

Reserve Bank of Fiji Releases 2009 Annual Report

Monday 30th August 2010 No: 1350/RBF.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama tabled the 2009 Annual Report of the Reserve Bank of Fiji in Cabinet on 16 August, 2010.

Nepotism, Racism, Sugar; McCully; PACER; Tailevu; Police; Rumours; Termites

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. Poor management and practices by the Fiji Sugar Corporation for the past 15 years and the deliberate non-renewal of leases to Indo-Fijian farmers are two reasons for the sorry state of the sugar industry today, according to Tavua cane farmer, businessman and former FSC director Dijednra Singh.

People were hired for personal reasons, not merit, he said, which forced many qualified technical engineers to emigrate. He said the non-renewal of leases was "a very aggressive policy" that resulted in Indo-Fijians leaving cane farming for work in peri-urban areas in Suva and the West.

McCULLY LISTENING. Reporting on his meeting with Fiji's Fore…